superpulp creates wonderful visual impact

Visualise your new year resolution' progression with this poster. One circle is one day. Draw a smiley everyday, showing your mood.

(concept + design. Order here)

The artwork supports the intense and impressive songs

(campaign visuals for De Niemanders » more)

Set time. Tune in into yourself. Draw cards and start your yin yoga practice

(illustration, graphic design » Order here)

Rock and roll meets graphic design

(brand identity for Effesk)

Who says medical information is boring?

(graphic design

Each monthly posters visually transforms to emphasize the topic.

(campaign, concept, graphic design, illustrations, handlettering)

Award winning campaign for Dutch Fire Brigade

(concept, illustrations, graphic design)

Huge artwork to celebrate the SB company 30th anniversary

(concept, design » read more)

Tiny pinbadge to make even the baddest pirate smile

(concept, design » read more)

A campingfestival in the woods... including bands and mosquitoes in your tent

(campaign items, logo, graphic design, illustrations)

“Outstanding artwork thats amplifies the music!”

(album artwork » more)

'“Smart interactive way to get kids enthusiastic about the kids art festival”

(concept,campaign, design, kit)

Exploring fringes with this playful identity

(logo, brand identity)

Don’t you want this stamp in your book?

(illustration, design)

“A true Euregion identity, with a businesscard that serves as firestarter too”

(concept, brand identity)

100 different posters with type set by hand

(concept, graphic design)

Still here and loving it?

There is even more!

This book explores the creative makers of Arnhem city

(creative director, publisher)

Put on your 'papucs' and learn about living

(concept, campaign design)

Which side do you prefer on this tri-fold?

(concept, illustration, graphic design)

All the acts give everything during this festival. Even their organs.

(concept, photography, graphic design)

Embossed cover and printed neonpink: do we need to say more?

(publication design)

Making a mindblowing fanzine for Esk-Esque is obligatory

(editor-in-chief, graphic design, visuals)

The sweetest magazine in the world!

(editor, graphic design, visuals)

Live Magazines: a full magazine made during & about an event, handed out at the exit.

(founder, editor-in-chief, creative director » Read more)

Woodcuts. Risoprint. Dark story. Gravelly songs. All in one jawdropping publication

(concept, graphic design, music)

Did you know the sacred tongue of Saint Eusebius was kept in the same-name church in Arnhem?

(book design)

Making elderly people aware of the possible dangers around them

(illustrations, graphic design)

A fictional story about fortune seekers in the East-Indies

(concept, graphic design, music)

What a strange creatures live in the streets of Presikhaaf

(campaign, concept, illustration, identity, graphic design)

How much space do you need to live in?

(book design, illustrations)

One tool to bind them all

(concept, graphic design » read more)

Mondriaan on the streets

(campaign, graphic design)